East Asia: Facts and Analytics 2022/4

A new issue of the «East Asia: Facts and Analytics» has been released: 2022, No.4

Luzyanin S.G. The Russian-Mongolian relations and Chinese factor: modern transformations
DOI: 10.24412/2686-7702-2022-4-6-15
Kazakov O.I. On the peculiarities of Russian-Japanese relations in the humanitarian sphere in 2022
DOI: 10.24412/2686-7702-2022-4-16-31
16 PDF
Morozov Yu.V. Relations between the Central Asian SCO Members and Russia after the Start of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine
DOI: 10.24412/2686-7702-2022-4-32-46
32 PDF
Sazonov S.L., Ilinskaya I.D. On some aspects of the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative
DOI: 10.24412/2686-7702-2022-4-47-55
47 PDF
Gorchakova T.E. On the response of the global crypto companies to the sanctions against Russian
crypto investors
DOI: 10.24412/2686-7702-2022-4-56-64
56 PDF
Book Review
Tsvetov P.Yu. Vietnam without secrets. Review of the book “65 years with Vietnam. Memories”
DOI: 10.24412/2686-7702-2022-4-65-72
65 PDF
Larin A.G. From Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping: How did the PRC Create an Effective Mechanism for Working with the Chinese Diaspora?
DOI: 10.24412/2686-7702-2022-4-73-80
73 PDF
Media Review
Skvortsova E.M. East Asian countries media overview (October – December 2022)
DOI: 10.24412/2686-7702-2022-4-81-88
81 PDF
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Publication Date: 30 December 2022