New rules for citing sources

From January 1, 2021 the Electronic scientific journal “East Asia: Facts and Analytics” introduces new rules for citing sources.

In the Russian section of “References” (“Список литературы”/”Spisok literatyri”) bibliographic entries shall be made only for Russian-language sources, based on the guidelines, provided by the GOST standard 7.1-2003. These data are uploaded to Russian scientific citation databases together with the non-Russian language part of “References”.

In the section “References” bibliographic entries shall be made for all sources, using APA Style (6th Edition). Bibliographic entries from “Список литературы” come first, and then (after an empty line) there come bibliographic entries of other non-Russian language sources. The data, provided in “References”, are uploaded to foreign scientific citation databases.

Only original scientific publications (articles in journals or from collections of articles, monographs) should be included in the sections “Список литературы” and “References”. Other sources, containing news and reference information (from news agencies, newspaper articles and materials, pages of state and commercial websites, materials from archives, databases and etc.) should be cited in the footnotes.

Appropriate changes and examples of correct citation will be published in the section “For the authors” on the “East Asia: Facts and Analytics” journal website.